Environmental Waste Containers

Protect the Environment from Hazardous Waste

Reliable Performance, No Leaking

Wastequip offers a number of hazardous waste collection roll-off products, including radius-bottom sludge boxes, dewatering roll-offs and vacuum containers as well as a line of plastic lids to cover them during transport.

Steel fabricated concrete washout containers and vacuum tanks are designed to contain and transport oils, sludge and other chemicals. Mobile steel storage tanks are used to hold liquids such as run-off water, diesel fuel, glycol, oils, waste products and more.

Choose a Wastequip Environmental Waste Container

  • Vacuum containers safely handle oils, sludge, chemicals and other environmentally damaging materials.
  • Dewatering containers reduce the cost of waste disposal by separating liquids from solids.
  • Sludge containers are designed for collecting, storing and transporting a variety of sludges and waste products.
  • Concrete washout containers are portable containers used to hold harmful industrial concrete, drywall mud, stucco, paint, mortar and wet waste.
  • Roll-off truck ramps make emptying trucks into sludge and dewatering containers easier.