Corporate Responsibility
is at our CORE

Message from our CEO

Martin Bryant Wastequip CEOIn my time as CEO of Wastequip, I have worked to promote a culture of corporate social responsibility in which each employee and customer can have a positive impact. The idea that business can be a powerful tool to make the world a better place — and that doing the right thing for our people and our planet is also the right thing for our business is at the core of all we do.

But, we felt compelled to go beyond simply highlighting this as a cultural goal to establish measurable goals and standards against which we hold ourselves – and each other – accountable. Therefore in 2020, we officially launched our Wastequip CORE (Corporate Responsibility) program, formalizing our commitment to improving the condition of the planet, the lives of our employees, and the quality of life in the communities we serve, all while maintaining a healthy and thriving company.

Championed by our senior leadership team, and implemented and tracked by our sustainability team, CORE drives us to:

  • Help define the future of the waste industry with progressive thinking and leadership
  • Create products and a standard of behavior that respects the environment for future generations
  • Employ a diverse workforce, provide development opportunities, and value differing perspectives
  • Continue to demonstrate social consciousness through Wastequip Cares and the foresight that makes one proud to work for or do business with Wastequip

All of us at Wastequip genuinely believe that we must approach our business and our lives with a philosophy of leaving more than we take. Taking care of our people and our planet is not only a necessity but also helps us unlock significant value across our business. In just a few short years, CORE has already had a significant impact on our company, our industry, and our world, and we’re just getting started. I am excited by the opportunities that lie ahead of us and hope that you share my enthusiasm for this CORE mission. 

I invite you to learn more on our CORE efforts and outcomes in specific areas through the updates below. 


Thank you,
Marty Bryant, CEO