CORE Mission:
Operating Profitably & Ethically

We know that how we do business is just as important as our business itself, so we believe that the third pillar of CORE: conducting ourselves ethically and equitably is key to our success.

Our CORE Beliefs:

  • We are dedicated to upholding our organizational values while maintaining a performance-driven culture with clear goals and accountability.
  • We always act with safety, honesty, and integrity 
  • We strive to provide customers total satisfaction by delivering value-oriented, market leading products and services 
  • We act quickly but thoughtfully 
  • We identify and improve the things that matter the most 
  • We embrace change 
  • We make commitments and keep them, earn trust & create respect
  • We hold ourselves accountable for our actions, solutions, and diversity of thought accountability actionable solutions diversity of thought, and to ensure we maintain focus on our CORE goals and ethical conduct, we have tied executive compensation to these initiatives