• Outside rail understructure
  • ¼” floor, 7 gauge sides
  • Continuous inside welds
  • 8” outside diameter (OD) front and rear rollers
  • Flat front
  • Vented to prevent implosion during unloading
  • Fully sealed to prevent leakage
  • Containers are hydro tested against leakage


  • Gasketed rear door has a T-box seal
  • EPDM door seal
  • 4 door ratchets-2 on rear door, one each on sidewall
  • Rear door side is hinged
  • Adjustable latches and hinges provide a full seal

Lid options:

  • Aluminum side to side rolling lid
  • Spring-assisted 14 ft. fold down lid rolls and opens to either side of container for easy one-person operation
  • Spring retainers hold lid open
  • Vacuum pressure release eases lid opening
  • Tapered lid surface prevents water collection

Steel split rolling lid:

  • 12-gauge steel lid features a two-piece, end-to-end rolling design
  • Neoprene foam around perimeter of lid provides vapor tight seal
  • Slight taper on lid eliminates water collection
  • Vacuum pressure release eases lid opening
  • Spring loaded for easy release
  • Lubricated wheels make the lids easy to slide open

Tarped containers:

  • Waterproof ratchet side roll tarp available through Mountain Tarp
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