Octagon Receivers are engineered to withstand the repeated pressures and abuse of compactors. Designed to provide LONG-LASTING, DEPENDABLE performance for high-volume refuse accounts.



  • 7 gauge floor with 3” structural channels on 18” centers
  • 7 gauge lower front and sides
  • 10 gauge upper front and sides
  • ANSI-compatible opening
  • Painted any standard color
  • Several sizes and hookup options available

“E” models (Extended Wear) include 1/4” container floor and fully welded (inside/outside) container sidewalls.



  • Front wheels
  • Belly bands
  • Crash plate
  • Ratchet binder in place of standard latch
  • HD or XHD specs. available for larger compactors
  • Painted any standard color- special colors available upon request


Standard Specifications

Floor: 7 gauge with 3” structural channels on 18” centers and 6” x 2” x 3/16” structural tubing main rails

Standard: 40 yard has maximum payload of 60,000 lbs. and a maximum force rate of 70,000 lbs. ANSI-compatible opening 13” to ground. 46” tall X 65” wide opening. Other sizes available.

Product Specifications
<strong>Description</strong>: 20-Yard OCT
Length: 15’
Width:: 100”
Height: 86”
Rated Capacity Cubic Yards: 20
Approximate Shipping Weight:: 4,600 lbs.
</br></br><strong>Description</strong>: 30-Yard OCT
Length:: 17'7"
Width:: 100"
Height: 101"
Rated Capacity Cubic Yards: 30
Approximate Shipping Weight:: 5,500 lbs.
</br></br><strong>Description</strong>: 40-Yard OCT
Length:: 23'
Width: 100"
Height:: 102"
Rated Capacity Cubic Yards:: 40
Approximate Shipping Weight:: 7,024 lbs.
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