Wastebuilt Environmental Solutions

Wastebuilt Environmental Solutions, LLC Supplementary 60-Day Return Policy

This is a supplementary return policy applicable to Wastebuilt Environmental Solutions, LLC (“Wastebuilt”).  For the complete Product Return Policy please see the Wastequip Terms and Conditions of Sale (“T&C”) at:   www.wastequip.com/terms-conditions-of-sale, a hardcopy of which is available upon request.  If there is a conflict between this policy and the Product Return Policy contained in the T&Cs, this policy shall control. This policy may be updated from time-to-time by Wastebuilt without notice to Buyer. If any parts (“Parts”) delivered to Buyer are defective or are otherwise not in accordance with the Wastebuilt Order Confirmation, Wastebuilt shall have the right, in its sole discretion, either to replace such Parts or to refund the portion of the purchase price applicable thereto.

RETURN PERIOD: All returns are subject to a 60-day return period from date of original Invoice.  Wastebuilt will not accept any non-warranty claims or returns beyond this 60-day period (except as pre-approved in writing by Wastebuilt in Wastebuilt’s sole discretion), and the returned Parts must be received at the return address specified by Wastebuilt.  For example, if the date of original Invoice is January 1st, BOTH your RMA request AND Wastebuilt’s receipt of the returned parts at the address specified by Wastebuilt must be completed no later than February 29th.  Unless pre-approved by Wastebuilt in writing, any returns received by Wastebuilt after the 60-day return period (regardless of RMA issuance) or at a different address than that specified by Wastebuilt will be deemed not in compliance with the 60-day return period and no replacements or refunds will be issued. 

RESTOCKING FEE: There will be no restocking fee for returns totaling less than $3,000 USD, returned in the condition set forth below, made within the 60-day return period.    For: (i) returns totaling $3,000 USD or more (not including shipping and taxes);  (ii) approved returns exceeding the 60 day return period; or (iii) returns not meeting the return condition set forth below, a 20% restocking fee based on the original Invoice price will be applied.

REQUESTING AN RMA:  If you have a return request, please call 1-855-927-8328 to request a Return Authorization Number (“RMA”).  An RMA must be obtained from Wastebuilt before any Parts may be returned. 

RETURN CONDITION:  Except for Parts damaged during shipment, all returned Parts must be: (i) of good quality and in saleable condition as new parts, and (ii) properly packaged, labelled, and accompanied with shipping documents that include (x) the RMA, (y) Wastebuilt part numbers, and (z) quantities returned.  Any Parts not in compliance with these instructions will be subject to rejection or a restocking fee of 20% of the applicable purchase price (“Restocking Fee”) at Wastebuilt’s discretion.

NON-CONFORMING ORDER: If you receive Parts that are non-conforming to your Order, provided the Return Period, RMA and Return Condition requirements have been met, Wastebuilt will not charge a Restocking Fee. A Non-Conforming Order includes Parts that: (i) that do not conform to specifications shown on the Wastebuilt Order Confirmation (except for Parts sold “as-is”); (ii) defective Parts; or (iii) Parts that were not ordered by Buyer. Wastebuilt shall have the right, in its sole discretion, either to replace such Parts or refund the portion of the purchase price applicable thereto.

FREIGHT:  Payment of freight for Parts returned in compliance with Return Period, RMA and Return Condition requirements is as follows: 

  • Conforming Order: Buyer is responsible for prepayment of and all other related freight costs  
  • Non-Conforming Order: Wastebuilt will pay freight F.O.B. Destination

NON-RETURNABLE PARTS:  Except for Parts under a Non-Conforming Order or applicable Warranty claims, the following Parts are Non-Returnable (also see the T&C for any additional non-returnable Parts):

  • Bottoms
  • Rams
  • Custom/Special Ordered Parts
  • Certain electrical components (please contact Wastebuilt for more information)
  • Parts designated as non-returnable by Wastebuilt at time of order or sold “as-is”
  • Parts that have been used, damaged or altered
  • Parts purchased from a vendor other than Wastebuilt