Environmental Intermodal Containers

Intermodal Containers

Wastequip's Accurate brand of environmental intermodal containers are ABS Certified to meet the applicable requirements of ISO 1496, AAR M930, and CSC, making them the safe, secure, and reliable choice for the transportation and disposal of any environmentally sensitive material. Wastequip has over 25 years of experience designing, testing, and manufacturing certified environmental intermodal containers for the transportation and disposal of MSW, sludges, soils, ash, hazardous waste, radioactive materials, and other bulk commodities.  Contact us for help with your specific application.  

  • Compatible with rail, truck, barge, or vessel
  • Built to survive the punishing demands of the waste industry
  • Guaranteed water tight integrity
  • Patented door and lid closure systems
  • Available in a variety of sizes, styles, and capacities
  • IP-1, IP-2, IP-3, and Type A packages
  • Manufactured under our NQA-1 Quality Program

Full Project Support

  • On and off-road intermodal tipping equipment
  • Intermodal roll-off adapter frames
  • Hard lids and top covers
  • OEM replacement parts and gaskets
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