Designed for restaurants, motels, grocery stores, or other locations where space is limited.

With a 30-second cycle time, the OptiPak compactor with a 4-in-1 head design is the only vertical compactor in the industry that can be changed to front, rear, left or right feed in the field. The adjustable legs allows the same stand to be used for 4, 6, or 8 yard containers.

Available with 3, 4, 6, or 8 yard containers.

  • 3 yard front and rear load containers come with casters
  • 4, 6, and 8 yard front load containers
  • 8 yard has a high feed height and is meant to be loaded from a dock or platform

Improved efficiency

  • Quick cycle times improve employee efficiency; trash is compacted in just 30 seconds

Increased performance

  • 18” of ram penetration and over 25,000 lbs. of ram force ensure maximum compaction

Standard features included at no additional charge

  • 4-in-1 head can be changed to feed from front, rear, left side or right side
  • Adjustable stand can be configured for 4, 6 and 8 yard containers
  • Selectable operational modes reduce complexity and extend service life
  • Full Container Light alerts you when trash is ready for pickup
  • Electronic door/container interlock ensures safe operation
  • Low temperature oil works well in hot or cold climates*
  • Driver LED Light is illuminated when it is safe for the hauler to remove the container
  • Built-in stops hold container in place to prevent movement during compaction

Strong warranty

  • 1-1-1 warranty (1-year structural, 1-year parts and 1-year labor)


*Use of an oil heater or extreme cold weather hydraulic oil is recommended in extreme cold conditions.
NOTE: Single phase operation will result in variations in hydraulic pressure, overall force, and cycle time.

Product Specifications
<strong>Standard Features</strong>: </br>• Driver Light to indicate when the container is safe for the driver to remove it</br>• Full container light</br>• Magnetic Interlock preventing operation if door is open</br>• Operational and service manual</br>• Built-in stops that hold the contain
</br><strong>Optional Features</strong>: </br>• Chute extension</br>• Loading platform with safety rail</br>• Through the wall installation</br>• Oil Heater</br>• Automatic odor suppression system</br>• Biodegradable oil</br>• Single phase operation available
</br><strong>Charge Box</strong>: </br>• Wastequip rating: 0.5 cu. yds.</br>• Wastec rating: 0.42 cu. yds.</br>• Compactor weight with stand and container</br>• 3,340 lbs. (3-yard)</br>• 3,540 lbs. (4-yard)</br>• 3,740 lbs. (6-yard)</br>• 3,940 lbs. (8-yard)
</br><strong>Compactor Head</strong>: </br>• Sides: 12-gauge, 42" H x 76" L</br>• Top deck: 12-gauge, 84 1/4" W x 84" L
</br><strong>Ram</strong>: </br>• Ram height: 36”</br>• Ram penetration: 18.00”</br>• Face plate: 7-gauge, 48” W x 36” H</br>• Base plate: 7-gauge, 47-1/2” W x 19” H</br>• Side plates: 7-gauge, 36” W x 19-11/16” H
</br><strong>Electrical</strong>: </br>• Motor: 3hp TEFC housing [ 2hp ]</br>• Voltage: 208/230/460, 3-phase 60 Hz [ 115/208/230 ]</br>• Power box: UL rated, TEFC housing</br>• Automated cycle operation: turn-key switch-ram extends, retracts and stops automatically</br>
</br><strong>Hydraulic Performance</strong>: </br>• Pump: 2.8 gpm [ 1.8 gpm ]</br>• Pump type: Gear</br>• Hydraulic oil tank: 8.7 gallon reservoir</br>• Cylinder bore/rod/stroke: 4” bore, 2” rod 16” stroke</br>• Normal ram face pressure: 25,100 psi [ 20,700 psi ]</br>

OptiPak Dimensions:

OptiPak Dimensions

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