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Pioneer Electric Side Roll (ESR) Provides Load Security for Waste Haulers

Published on 06/12/13

Pioneer, Wastequip’s leading brand of tarping systems for the waste industry, announces its Electric Side Roll (ESR)-1000 tarping system for waste and environmental haulers.

In response to “tightening” state regulations, Pioneer designed The ESR-1000 to help haulers eliminate waste debris blowing from trucks. The ESR-1000’s proprietary electric roll design provides a tighter fitting tarp than traditional manually operated waste tarping systems. Besides keeping debris inside the trailer, the ESR-1000 tarping system is also watertight, preventing rainwater from seeping into the trailer. 

The ESR-1000 was also designed with safety and ease of operation in mind. With its wireless remote control, the ESR-1000 allows a driver to stand off to the side of a trailer or even remain safely inside the cab to tarp and untarp his load. Should manual operation ever be required, the ESR-1000 can quickly be converted from electric motor control to a manual operation in the field. This ability to convert can eliminate the downtime associated with other systems that may require a trip to the maintenance shop for repair. 

The Pioneer ESR-1000 system is lightweight, yet durable enough to withstand the rigors of daily waste hauling. At less than 60 lbs., it allows operators to haul more payload, saving time and money. The ESR-1000 tarping system installs quickly and easily on waste trailers and provides greater load containment than traditional tarping systems widely used in the waste industry. The Pioneer ESR-1000 tarping system remains competitively priced and is backed by an industry-leading five year warranty on the kit. 

“Pioneer continues to introduce products to keep waste haulers in compliance with ever changing load containment regulations,” said Anne Brantley, director of product management. “Pioneer’s ESR-1000 is a great product for addressing both regulatory concerns and operator safety.”


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