The true cost of bad trash cans

January 04, 2023

To the untrained eye, all trash cans may look the same. But as those with significant experience in the procurement, use, and replacement of trash cans, bins, carts, trucks, and other receptacles know, choosing a low-quality container can bring many costs beyond the monetary price paid. Opting for a higher-quality container can deliver added value in various ways.

Consider these hidden costs that can come with selecting and using an inferior-quality trash can.

Lack of durability

Often, lower-quality containers are simply not built with the toughness needed to withstand the rigors of the job — especially over the long haul. This can be especially true when the containers are tasked with challenging work or used in demanding environments, such as those found on high-impact construction jobs or when regularly exposed to taxing outdoor weather conditions.
The Toter advantage: Built using the Advanced Rotational Molding™ process, Toter’s Two-Wheel Carts (Trash Cans), Round Trash Cans, and Industrial Tilt Trucks are tough, durable, and made to last. Among other built-in benefits, most are also corrosion- and chemical-resistant, boasting a single-piece product design with no seams, offering consistent wall thickness for enhanced durability.

Difficulty of use

Inferior containers often present functionality challenges, such as being difficult to pick up and transport in home or workplace settings. This can make essential tasks such as emptying the trash more difficult, resulting in users spending added time and effort, and can even present safety issues for those carrying out their trash duties. In addition, lower-quality containers often lack features like bag cinches that make everyday use easier and hassle-free.
The Toter advantage: Toter Round Trash Cans and Slimline Containers feature integrated third handles to make common container-related tasks such as picking up, transporting, tilting, and emptying the containers easier for users to complete. Further, the built-in Bag Cinch found on Toter’s Round Trash Cans and Slimline Containers helps keep trash bags firmly in place during use to enhance the user experience.

Organics odors

When an inferior-quality container is used to store and transport organic materials, the lack of features such as an airtight lid or leak resistance can lead to odors and messes. They can even attract unwelcome wild scavengers such as rodents and insects.
The Toter advantage: Toter’s Organics Containers make the collection and transport of organic materials easy — and more sanitary. The line’s 2-Gallon Organics Bin features a snap-tight lid and a locking seal to prevent odors and leakage. And its 13-Gallon Organics Bin offers a latch and animal lock to keep pesky predators away. Toter’s Organics Two-Wheel Collection Carts are specifically designed to withstand heavy, wet, organic waste. They offer leak resistance with a fully enclosed stop bar journal under normal usage. And the 32- and 64-gallon models of Toter’s Organics Caster Carts are available with gasket lids to help ensure that odors and waste stay contained.

Increased environmental impact

When most trash cans reach the end of their service lives, they are simply tossed out — creating a less-than-desirable outcome from a sustainability standpoint. Poorly built trash cans also have shorter service lives, resulting in an earlier need for replacement and the added environmental impact that creates.

The Toter advantage: Toter’s EVR-Green cart — which features the waste and recycling industry’s first cart body made from 100% recycled material — helps its users lower their environmental footprint by choosing a more sustainable container option. Further, the EVR-Green cart is known for its durability and longevity, and once it reaches the end of its service life, it can be recycled and turned into material used to build new carts.


To learn more about Toter and its broad range of offerings for waste collection and disposal, visit And to learn more about Toter’s commitment to environmental sustainability, visit the webpage for the company’s CORE and Project 25 initiative.


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