Starting a waste-hauling business? Wastequip can help

July 26, 2022

If you’re considering a future managing a waste-hauling business, quality support will dictate your rate of success. It helps to have a solid foundation, endless ambition, and support from partners who’ve walked that winning path before you. Look no further than Wastequip.

When you work with Wastequip, you gain local support, better uptime, greater parts availability, rapid response manufacturing, and flexible financing options. To save you time, Wastequip delivers you one point of contact to guide you through questions associated with the equipment, parts, service, and technology solutions of its multiple brands. 


But first, what steps should you take to start a waste-hauling business?

    1. Outline everything. What’s your perceived market? What will set your business apart? How much will it cost to start? How will you procure capital? It’s important to ask the right questions to find a solution that works best for you and your needs.
    1. Everything from the size of your refuse vehicles (and fleet) to the types of dumpsters and waste cans you’ll provide to tarping systems and software platforms. To determine the equipment needed, you’ll need to find your niche: small hauls, residential, commercial, or roll-off (large volume containers). Much hinges on the kind of agreement you can secure. You might need both commercial and residential equipment. You’ll at least need residential carts, commercial containers, and a truck. Waste management is more than heavy-duty trucks. How big do you want to be and how quickly do you want to grow? Wastequip brands have it all covered. Budgets are a consideration, but buying a higher-capacity truck or more powerful equipment will help you avoid having to replace it when your business outgrows it. With Wastequip financing, you can get the equipment you need, when you need it. That’s critical early in your business.
    1. Some companies seem to burst onto the landscape with immediate results. But there’s a lot of hard work behind the scenes. Although it might seem easy, trash-hauling is capital-intensive. Well-informed equipment investments are critical. You’ll have to invest in new equipment and expanded fleets over time. The class of truck you pick will determine how much you can haul, how far you can haul it, and how easy it is to load and unload. Customer service is also a factor. Many waste-collecting start-ups have raised the standard for accountability and professionalism. Be ready to jump in and deliver quality.
    1. You might have a solid plan and a catchy business name, but you must take the first steps. And that momentum has to sustain you for the life of the company. Grit and flexibility will play key roles in your progress. Taking action is the first step: Apply for Wastequip financing on any of our equipment today. 


Wastequip financing can help:

  • Preserve cash and credit lines. Save working capital for working. This feature is independent of your existing credit lines.
  • Rapid credit-approval times. Don’t wait. Get a decision in as little as two hours on transactions of $3,000 to $500,000.
  • Fast, simple application process. Why jump through hoops? For transactions of less than $500,000, all they need is your business name, address, and phone number.
  • Competitive rates and simple documentation. No nonsense. We offer competitive rates and a finance contract you can understand.
  • Exceptional payment flexibility. Your budget and cash-flow needs vary. Wastequip can offer flexible options to help.
  • 100% financing. Bundle tax and freight with no down payment or advance payment needed.


Because the Wastequip family of brands works on a nationwide scale and presents an array of help required to support your waste industry business, it can furnish a number of advantages that smaller, less-comprehensive providers often cannot.

How can Wastequip help?

Your outlook is a bit brighter with the right support. Every step of the way, there’s a Wastequip brand that specializes in the key aspects of your waste-management business. Twelve brands, to be exact. 

That gives Wastequip the resources and scale to be the partner you need for your business.

Sustainable carts from Toter
is a signature brand, makers of iconic collection bins that represent the best in durability and innovation. Toter uses stress-free molding technology known as Advanced Rotational Molding™, and all outdoor carts come with a 12-year body warranty — a rarity in the industry. Even more, Toter manufactures the industry’s first 100% recycled cart body, EVR-Green, which is the most sustainable cart on the market today.

Trucks built to last, from Amrep
The same top-of-line production that goes into Toter applies to Amrep, too. 
Amrep manufactures durable and reliable front-end, rear-end and side-loaders, as well as roll-off hoists and trailers. Amrep builds the toughest truck bodies in the business using genuine Hardox® wear plate steel throughout. No matter which area of waste hauling you choose, that equals longer truck life for you.

The most durable hoists from Galbreath
With Galbreath®, you get North America’s most extensive dealer network of hoist manufacturers and services. With legendary durability and service life, these hoists will outlast most chassis. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more experienced company in many markets.

With Mountain Tarp and Pioneer, you’re covered
Mountain Tarp
and Pioneer provide tarps and tarping systems for a wide variety of applications, and help keep your loads contained and secure.

Logistics, route-mapping and more, from ContainerPros
helps with more behind-the-scenes services, including customer management, consulting, marketing and sales, and multiple cart programs. They have the expertise in route mapping and logistics, and billing and rate confirmations for commercial and residential customers. Bottom line: the work gets done right, the first time.

The service you need, when you need it: Wastequip WRX
For maintenance, parts, and repair of garbage trucks, hoists, and tarping systems, visit a Wastequip WRX station. These centers are loaded with technical expertise and customer support to address any issue. Wastequip WRX services trucks and fleets for haulers, municipalities, construction, and other industries in locations where they need it, and has now opened in three U.S. cities: Pompano Beach, Florida; Arlington, Texas; and Phoenix, Arizona (with more locations planned).

Stay in service longer with Wastebuilt
And with the breadth of parts available from Wastebuilt and its national footprint, uptime is maximized. This all-in-one parts supplier can help with chassis, container, hose and fittings, MRO and safety, and refuse parts. They’ll get to where you are, with service to 11 metropolitan areas and next-day shipping service to more than 60% of the country.






About Wastequip
Wastequip® is the leading North American manufacturer of waste handling equipment, with an international network of manufacturing facilities and the most extensive dealer network in the industry. With thousands of employees and dozens of facilities across the continent, Wastequip has built a reputation for expertise, innovation and sustainability.

Wastequip’s broad range of waste and recycling equipment, trucks and systems is used to collect, process and transport recyclables, solid waste, liquid waste and organics. The company’s brands include Wastequip, Wastequip WRX™, Wastebuilt®, Toter®, Galbreath®, Pioneer™, Mountain Tarp™, ContainerPros®, wasteware™, ConFab®, Amrep® and Accurate™. For more information, visit



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