Must-have containers for organic waste disposal

August 03, 2022

When today’s eco-conscious consumers are exploring their options for organics and waste collection, leading considerations typically go well beyond basic functionality. That’s because, in addition to seeking a container and/or cart that can get the job done, even in heavy-use environments, these consumers also want equipment that supports sustainability. They want it both in their homes and/or businesses, and via the manufacturer’s earth-friendly corporate policies and priorities.


As a respected manufacturer dedicated to leading the way on sustainability in the waste industry, Wastequip understands these concerns — and offers solutions that answer the call on all counts. For the transport and disposal of environmentally sensitive materials like sludge, ash, and hazardous waste, the Accurate Environmental Intermodal Container is a safe, secure and reliable solution. But we’ve got green products for every type of waste-removal need. Consider these eco-focused cart and container solutions from the Wastequip family of brands that give high priority to sustainability and protecting the environment:


  • Wastequip’s Environmental Waste Containers — Built to protect the environment from hazardous waste, Wastequip’s environmental waste container offerings include sludge containers, dewatering containers, vacuum containers and concrete washout containers. Whichever option a buyer selects, the entire line of Wastequip hazardous waste collection roll-off products is designed to deliver reliable performance with no leaking — so that any environmentally damaging materials they are holding or transporting stay contained and cause no harm.
  • Toter’s Organics Carts and Bins — Designed specifically for organics collection, the caster carts, two-wheel collection carts and bins in Wastequip brand Toter's Organics line are built tough to withstand heavy, wet organic waste. In addition to making the storage and transport of organics easy, these durable carts and bins offer a range of helpful assets and features such as impressive load ratings, leak resistance, easy-grip handles, and attached lids to prevent loss and theft.
  • ConFab’s Organics Collection Container — Made specifically for large-scale organics collection, Wastequip brand ConFab’s organics collection containers deliver the strength of steel with the flexibility of plastic. These pitch-top front end load containers are available in a variety of colors and offer features such as plastic bin liners, quick-release caster plates, Impact Plastics Organics lids and dependable 6" rubber swivel casters.

Beyond equipment, the Wastequip brand family can support sustainability with its services, too. For example, the ContainerPros’ Garbage Can Recycling Program can help waste-industry businesses reduce their carbon footprint by ensuring that their bins and trash cans are recycled after their service life is complete. Offered in conjunction with ContainerPros’ container-removal service, this program makes it easy for businesses to recycle their bins and cans by handling every aspect of the process — and delivering clients the funds from the sale and recycling of the commodities once the process is complete.


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About Wastequip

Wastequip is the leading North American manufacturer of waste handling equipment, with an international network of manufacturing facilities and the most extensive dealer network in the industry. Wastequip’s broad range of waste and recycling equipment, trucks and systems is used to collect, process and transport recyclables, solid waste, liquid waste and organics. The company’s brands include Amrep®, Accurate™, ConFab®, ContainerPros®, Galbreath®, Mountain Tarp®, Pioneer™, Toter®, Wastebuilt®, Wastequip®, Wastequip WRX™ and wasteware™. For more information, visit


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