5 Ways Waste Haulers Can Save Time & Money with Wastequip WRX

October 12, 2023
5 Ways Waste Haulers Can Save Time & Money with Wastequip WRX

Whether you need a quality OEM or aftermarket part installed, a repair made, or regular maintenance performed, the first question is “Where?,” and the second is usually “How quickly can I get this done?”

That’s why we created the Wastequip WRX® concept in 2020 to help localize waste equipment service, providing customers with convenient access to fleet maintenance and parts inventory — further strengthening Wastequip’s extensive dealer network

We opened top-of-the-line facilities in Pompano Beach, Florida; Arlington, Texas; Atlanta, Georgia; Phoenix, Arizona; and Jurupa Valley, California (with several additional locations in the works) to support your operations. Each location has trained technicians who provide parts, maintenance, and repair services for refuse trucks, tarping systems, hoists, compactors, sweepers, jet/vac trucks, and more. 

So, Wastequip WRX will take care of the “where” and “when” and will make sure it’s done right. Check out the five services you have access to through Wastequip WRX. 

1. Waste Fleet Service 

Amrep ASL Picking Up Can

Unexpected equipment downtime can hurt your bottom line, but it can also be avoidable. With our comprehensive fleet service and maintenance, we help make sure that your fleet keeps running so you can focus on running your business. You’ll find: 

  • Service for bodies and equipment
  • Preventive maintenance
  • On-site support and troubleshooting

2. Repairs and Overhauls

Galbreath Roll Off Truck

Sometimes preventive maintenance isn’t enough. With fully equipped workshops, we make sure that your equipment stays in tip-top shape. And we stand behind our work, whether we’re working on your automated side loader, roll-off, or tarping system. We can handle:

  • Floor, body, and hopper repairs
  • Replacement of hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrical components
  • Welding/fabrication
  • Refurbishments/rebuilds

3. Arms Program

Amrep ASL Truck

ASL arms must withstand daily abuse and are imperative for successful waste collection operations. We designed the WRX Arms program to overhaul and repair automated sideloader and frontloader arms and grabbers, keeping downtime to a minimum and older equipment functional. The program includes: 

  • Major component exchanges or upgrades
  • Refurbished arm sandblasting and painting
  • Safety and functionality checks

All of these services are covered by the Wastebuilt 12-month Limited Warranty.

4. Installation and Add-ons

Galbreath Container Handler

Have new lifters or equipment? Wastequip WRX facilities carry an extensive in-stock inventory of genuine OEM and aftermarket parts. To find what you need, simply give us a call and we’ll work quickly to locate the required part for you to self-install, or, if you prefer, for one of our experts to install on your behalf. 

We can install:

  • Hoists, bodies, arms, and tippers
  • Automated grease system, ladder, and toolbox add-ons
  • Technology add-ons, including camera systems, telematics, and RFID systems

5. Compactor Service Solutions

Wastequip OptiPak Compactor

Through WRX, you can now schedule a variety of compactor and baler services to ensure your equipment performs at its best for years to come. We recommend quarterly system checks to extend equipment life by avoiding serious operational failures, decrease unplanned downtime by preventing avoidable repairs, improve daily operations by reducing or eliminating disruptions, minimize more expensive repairs by keeping equipment in good working order, and reduce injury risk and increase worker safety by following manufacturing instructions.

To prevent breakdowns before they happen, consider a preventive maintenance service package. Visit our Compactor Service Portal to learn more. Here’s a sneak preview.

Wastequip WRX Services Chart

Service tier availability may vary depending on location.

With a commitment to providing top-quality service and convenient access to our replacement parts inventory, Wastequip WRX strives to be the partner waste management businesses can trust for reliable, one-stop equipment service.

Let’s keep your fleet rolling. Find your location, and schedule an appointment.

Wastequip® is the leading North American manufacturer of waste handling equipment with an international network of manufacturing facilities and the most extensive service network in the industry. Wastequip offers the broadest range of waste equipment, which includes carts, containers, trucks, parts, service, and technology for the collection, transport, and disposal of waste and recyclables. The company’s family of brands includes Wastequip®, Toter®, ConFab®, Amrep®, Galbreath™, Pioneer™, Mountain Tarp®, Wastequip WRX®, Wastebuilt®, ContainerPros®, wasteware®, and Accurate™. To learn more, visit wastequip.com or read its 2022 Sustainability Report.

Wastequip WRX® (pronounced “Wastequip Works”) is Wastequip’s equipment service headquarters providing parts, maintenance, and repair services for refuse trucks, tarping systems, hoists, compactors, and more. Wastequip WRX facilities are conveniently located in Pompano Beach, FL; Arlington, TX; Atlanta, GA; Phoenix, AZ; and Jurupa Valley, CA; with additional locations planned across the U.S. With a commitment to providing top-quality service and convenient access to replacement parts inventory, Wastequip WRX is the partner businesses can trust for reliable equipment service. Wastequip WRX is part of the Wastequip® family of brands. To learn more, visit wastequipwrx.com.

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