4 ways that Toter cans and carts deliver unique value

April 05, 2022

Consumers and municipalities alike have a wealth of choices when it comes to their trash can and cart choices. But some of those choices stand apart from the crowd — and among them, Toter, backed by Wastequip, delivers a range of advantages that most other can and cart manufacturers simply can’t match.

Among the areas in which Toter cans and carts deliver unique value and added appeal:

  • Superior sustainability

    The Wastequip family of brands, including Toter, demonstrates a level of commitment to Earth-friendly practices and sustainability that is largely unrivaled in the waste industry. In fact, the brand family is constantly striving to lead the way — by example — to a more sustainable future for the industry as a whole.


    This dedication to sustainability can be seen in Toter’s EVR-Green cart, which features the waste and recycling industry’s first cart body made from 100% recycled material. The eco-friendly cart is produced as part of Toter’s Project 25 initiative, which further exhibits the company’s devotion to sustainability with a commitment to reducing the amount of virgin resin used in its cart manufacturing by 25% — a move that would cut enough CO2 emissions to reduce Toter’s carbon footprint by at least 9% per cart. And for municipalities and consumers who select Toter, the choice also lends social value by conveying that, for them, sustainability is an important purchase consideration.

  • More durability and longevity

    With a high-quality design and a build that employs Toter’s patented Advanced Rotational MoldingTM process, Toter’s carts eliminate the built-in stress, weakness and brittleness often associated with injection-molded products. Further, to deliver added toughness and durability, Toter’s carts are made with linear medium-density polyethylene (MDPE) that is specifically engineered for toughness and high-impact resistance — as opposed to the rigid and brittle high-density polyethylene (HDPE) used to make most injection-molded carts.
    As a result, Toter carts have been proven to consistently outlast those of competitors. According to a 2020 lifecycle analysis (LCA) commissioned by Toter, the company’s customers reported an average service life of 11 years for their carts, as opposed to just over 9 years for non-Toter customers. Further, surveyed waste haulers and municipalities reported that three times as many Toter customers experienced a 15- to 20-year life span for their carts, versus an average life span of 5 to 10 years for non-Toter carts.

    Need more evidence of Toter’s high-quality design and extreme durability? The company’s warranty-claim rate is the lowest in the industry. And when a cart or can lasts longer, of course, it in turn lowers its carbon footprint and reduces the amount of natural resources that must be consumed in producing replacements.

  • Broad functionality

    Toter’s carts and cans are built for a broad and diverse range of uses, including the standards — waste disposal and recyclable sorting/collection — as well as more specialized applications like organics collection, medical waste containment, material handling, secure document containment, e-waste collection and more. They’re also made in a wide range of sizes to accommodate users’ specific needs, and built to provide long service lives in both outdoor and indoor environments.

    In addition, Toter products incorporate a number of portability and handling features that create added ease, efficiency and effectiveness for users, such as wheels and specialized handles, as well as fire resistance and protection against potential invaders like raccoons and bears.

  • Improved aesthetics

    At Toter, the days of green and brown being the only color options available for cart and can consumers are long gone. These days, a long list of bin color options is available, helping users better match home and business décor, plus providing better branding and identification options for municipalities and waste-handling businesses. Toter’s latest carts and cans are also made in an array of styles for a better fit with, for example, interior design themes.



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About Toter
Toter is the leading provider of waste and recycling carts to waste haulers and municipalities in North America. Additional products include specialty carts for document management, electronic waste, organics, medical waste and more. Manufactured using Advanced Rotational Molding, Toter carts offer a greater service life than injection-molded carts. Toter is also the only commercial-grade cart available to consumers at retailers nationwide. Toter is a division of Wastequip. Learn more on the web at www.toter.com.

About Wastequip
Wastequip is the leading North American manufacturer of waste handling equipment, with an international network of manufacturing facilities and the most extensive dealer network in the industry. Wastequip’s broad range of waste and recycling equipment, trucks and systems is used to collect, process and transport recyclables, solid waste, liquid waste and organics. The company’s brands include Amrep®, Accurate™, ConFab®, ContainerPros®, Galbreath®, Mountain Tarp®, Pioneer™, Toter®, Wastebuilt®, Wastequip®, Wastequip WRX™ and wasteware™. For more information, visit www.wastequip.com

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