Getting Equipment When Needed Is Easier Than Ever

We Offer Tax-Exempt Municipal Leasing

Need equipment now, but don’t have the budget? Approved companies and municipalities are eligible for Wastequip financing options that increase their purchasing powers without creating new debt.

Municipalities have a variety of funding needs and institutional constraints. When new equipment is needed, funds aren't always available. Tax-exempt municipal financing allows local government entities to get the equipment they need — when they need it — through manageable installment payments drawn from their operating budgets. Because no new debt is created, tax-exempt municipal financing does not require voter approval in most states.

Benefits of Financing Through Wastequip

Immediate Ownership

  • No upfront cash required
  • 1- to 2-day approval turnaround
  • Finance 100% of your acquisition (including soft costs)

Flexible Payments

  • Budget calendar alignment
  • No buy-out or residual at the end of the term
  • Push out the first payment up to one year

Satisfies Bid Requirements

  • Sourcewell-awarded contract
  • Non-appropriation language included
  • No voter approval required in most states

How to Apply for Wastequip Financing

A completed Wastequip Equipment Finance Application is required. Financial statements may be required for credit evaluation.

Financing is subject to credit approval and other criteria, qualifications and restrictions established by Wastequip and third-party lenders. See the Wastequip Equipment Finance Application for further details.