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RockBox™ Roll-Off Containers

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RockBox™ Roll-Off Containers

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RockBox Roll-Off Containers
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Made from wear resistant Hardox® steel, the RockBox is 4x stronger than ordinary mild steel grades, while weighing 20% less and lasting twice as long as traditional heavy-duty roll-off containers. Wastequip’s RockBox roll-off containers are the first of their kind in the United States to be made of the innovative Hardox® material.

Built extra strong without the extra weight, the RockBox transports significantly more payload than traditional roll-offs with fewer loads. The RockBox also decreases CO2 emissions and improves fuel efficiency.

Product Features:

4X Stronger than mild steel

  • Tensile strength 185KSI vs. 45KSI

20% Lighter in weight

  • Up to 1,500lbs lighter*

Lasts 2X longer

  • Resists damage, Fewer repairs

* Standard scrap containers based on comparison to RockBox.

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