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Organics Steel FEL Container

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Organics Steel FEL Container

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Wastequip’s Organics Steel FEL is specially designed for handling organic waste. The container features fully welded pockets and an interlocking top channel frame for durability.  Inside the containers is 12 mil special coating designed to withstand organic waste.  The Organics Steel FEL is also water tested against leakage to ensure wet organic waste does not leak.  Available in 2.45 yard and 3 yard sizes.

This container can be used in conjunction with the BiobiN® biofiltration system or as a stand-alone container. 

Improves safety

  • Durable, single-piece lid with trap door keeps out insects, rodents and animals
  • Trap door provides easy access
  • Continuous lip on lid traps odors and prevents leakage
  • Locking lid prevents unauthorized access

Easy to use

  • Easy to maneuver with casters
  • Lower load height (40 1/2" for 2.45 yard and 50 1/4" for 3 yard container)
  • Compatible with front end load forks for easy pickup and emptying


  • Fully welded inside seams
  • 100% water tested
  • Fully welded pockets at critical stress points reduce fork damage and ensure long service life
  • Floor channels are capped at both ends to prevent debris from getting inside
  • Interlocking top channel frame provides added strength

Cost-effective and environmentally responsible

  • Fully nestable when unassembled for easier transport and storage

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