RockBox™ Roll-Off Containers


Made from Hardox® wear plate, the RockBox is 4x stronger than ordinary mild steel grades, while weighing 20% less and lasting twice as long as traditional heavy-duty roll-off containers. Wastequip’s RockBox roll-off containers are the first of their kind in the United States to be made of the innovative Hardox® material.

Ideal for heavy duty scrap and demolition customers

NEW RockBox Roll Off container is stronger and built to absorb impact with minimal damage. Hardox 450 high tensile steel shields the top rail and prevents penetration through the side walls unlike standard scrap containers. RockBox withstands impact and resists damage unlike standard scrap containers pictured.

Product Features:

4X Stronger than mild steel

  • Tensile strength 185KSI vs. 45KSI

20% Lighter in weight

  • Up to 1,500lbs lighter*

Lasts 2X longer

  • Resists damage, Fewer repairs

* Based on comparison to XHD container











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