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How IoT Sensors Can Improve Waste & Recycling Franchise Systems

Published on 10/26/17

Municipalities make tough decisions on the best ways to provide efficient, quality, and sustainable services for the betterment of their communities. When it comes to waste management and recycling services, many municipalities take control by choosing franchise or contract structures instead of open market systems. With control, municipalities can adopt and enforce ordinances to increase and streamline recycling, make provisions for the development and operation of necessary infrastructure, mandate service provisions, and reduce the impact of trucks on streets and air quality. On the downside, the rigidity of franchise systems can leave them unable to respond to dynamic waste generator behavior and changing business climates. As a result, generators may misuse recycling and waste container services and ignore restrictions in order to keep their costs low. However, with more information about what is happening “at the curb”, constantly and automatically gathered through image-based container sensors, franchised municipalities can confidently work with their haulers, municipal leadership, and ratepayers to meet demands for cost control and right-sized service. More

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