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Malls & Shopping Centers

Malls and multi-tenant shopping centers need refuse and recycling collection, transport and disposal systems that are unobtrusive and easy for shoppers to use.  Waste and recycling products must also maintain a clean, high-quality appearance day in, day out. Wastequip has designed systems specific for use in malls and shopping centers to make refuse disposal and recyclables collection simple and reliable, while providing ways to reduce waste disposal fees and increase revenues from recyclables such as cardboard and stretch film. 

Wastequip system components include:

  • Easy-to-use but unobtrusive Toter litter, refuse and recyclables collection points for customer convenience
  • Toter tilt trucks and carts for quick collection of refuse and recyclables with minimal shopping interruption
  • Toter cart lifters to safely and easily empty carts into compactors or larger containers 
  • Compactors to maximize time between waste pickups, reducing costs
  • Toter carts sized and designed for use in restaurant and food court areas to collect, transport and dispose of heavy food waste into non-leaking, self-contained compactors and specially-designed steel and plastic containers that keep waste and odors in, rodents and insects out
  • Smaller footprint balers to capture cardboard and other recyclables that can generate revenue without taking up space in back-of-store or dock areas

If you manage multi-tenant retail facility operations, find out how Wastequip can help you save money on waste disposal and maximize recyclables recovery by scheduling a complimentary site survey at sales@wastequip.com

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