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Chain Stores

Retail chain stores have unique needs in collecting, storing and transporting waste and recyclables throughout the store area. Wastequip has designed systems to meet retailers' in-store needs, including:

  • Easy to use but unobtrusive Toter litter, refuse and recyclables collection points that can be strategically located for customer convenience
  • Toter tilt trucks and carts for quick collection of bagged or loose refuse and recyclables with minimal shopping interruption
  • Compactors to maximize time between waste pickups, reducing costs
  • Smaller footprint balers to capture cardboard and other recyclables that can generate revenue without taking up space in back-of-store or dock areas

To learn more about how Wastequip can help your store save money on waste disposal and maximize recyclables recovery, please contact us to schedule a complimentary site survey at sales@wastequip.com.

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