Carts to Containers (and More): Toter Has You Covered

September 21, 2021
Toter Carts and Containers

Continuing its mission to offer efficient and productive solutions for waste management, Toter is launching its new Round Can and Slimline offerings — each available as part of the Toter Professional line of products. And to facilitate easier moving and handling of customers’ heavy waste, the company continues to produce its durable line of Toter universal tilt trucks.

As always, Toter’s innovative new solutions are specifically designed to meet the needs of the professional customer, with enhanced functionality and ease of use in mind. The new Round Can and Slimline products are also built for extended service, indoors or out, and with various color options, are designed to complement any setting.

Tough, high-performing and value-packed, these new Toter products meet the demands of a variety of  job environments. Each of the thoughtfully designed products uses a stress-free molding technology known as Advanced Rotational Molding™, making them more durable than injection-molded products. 

Inherently stronger, more ergonomic and with features that improve efficiency, productivity and worker safety, these new Toter products are incredibly valuable wherever they’re deployed.


What if you could increase your efficiency by using a durable, high-capacity solution that also supports easy bag changes and conforms to NSF criteria? The Toter Round Can is built to meet those very standards. Designed to increase efficiencies in various work environments, including construction, food service and janitorial settings, the Round Can is ergonomic, allowing for increased mobility to help users transport heavy loads with much less effort. The Toter Round Can also increases load capacity, offers venting channels to enable easier bag removal with reduced suction and has integrated top, middle and bottom handles to improve efficiencies. 

Among the many advantages the Toter Round Can offers:

  • Increased capacity means fewer bag change-outs.
  • Integrated third handle makes easier lifting and dumping.
  • Robust and durable design equates to dependability. 
  • Customized color options and hot stamping allow for customer branding.
  • Venting channels in the container enable bags to be removed with more ease.


What if you could improve productivity in the disposal of trash by using a more ergonomic container that has a longer service life? With Toter Slimline, you can. 

Toter Slimline facilitates single-point trash collection by offering benefits not found in competing products. Its space-saving design provides a smaller footprint for a less-intrusive solution in any environment. Dolly compatibility allows for easy maneuvering, and contoured base handles enhance control when dumping loads. Injury risk is reduced and productivity is enhanced by venting channels that enable liners or bags to be easily removed. Various lid options also provide convenience for any application.  

Toter Slimline offers benefits not found in competing products. It’s simply a better container, with more features, made to last longer. 

Among the many advantages Toter Slimline provides:

  • Various lid options provide convenience for any application.
  • The space-saving, small-footprint design is less intrusive for your environment.
  • Dolly compatibility allows  for easy maneuvering.
  • Contoured base handles offer more control when dumping loads. 
  • Injury risk is reduced and productivity enhanced due to venting channels that allow for liners/bags to be easily removed.


Toter tilt trucks are perfect for moving large, heavy waste to its final disposal area. Among the benefits they offer:

  • Rugged Rim® technology helps reduce cracking and breakage. 
  • Powder-coated frames reduce corrosion, prevent flaking and ensure long service life. 
  • Up to five carts can be linked to efficiently move loads. 
  • Three different sizes are available, with load ratings ranging from 1,200 to 2,000 pounds. 
  • Removable split lids are available. 
  • Toter tilt trucks are compatible with Toter’s Universal Lifter. 

Whether you’re a dealer, a rep group or an end user in a restaurant, on a jobsite or in the warehouse, from carts to containers to tilt trucks, Toter has you covered. 

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