Answering Demand with Amrep’s Ready Truck Program

July 14, 2021
Amrep’s Ready Truck Program

Over the past four decades, Amrep has introduced numerous innovations to the waste-hauling industry, becoming one of the premier refuse body companies in North America. The company, originally a family-owned business employing more than 200 people, continuously strives to be on the leading edge of technology, placing quality and customer service first and foremost. Now, as a member of the Wastequip® family of brands, Amrep is more prepared than ever to be part of your all-in-one waste handling solution. 



Over the last year, the challenges of the global pandemic affected, in one way or another, every business sector, every municipality, every home, every individual. Even the refuse industry saw major disruptions. Over the course of 2020, the “new normal” of living and working in the Covid-19 pandemic forced many haulers to hold back on truck purchases. The reason for this decision was often-two fold: haulers wanted to preserve capital during uncertain times; and on the production side, many chassis manufacturers cut their output. 

In the “old normal,” it took approximately 60 days to receive a chassis, but the new normal process for production climbed to 90 or 100 days. Now that the pandemic appears to be in its waning months, demand is peaking and production timelines could stretch all the way to 180 days for a chassis. 



Just in time to answer peaking demand, Wastequip has launched its Ready Truck Program, designed to shorten the lead time from ordering and building to delivery of a refuse collection vehicle. Rather than waiting for production to catch up with demand, Wastequip is helping haulers get back to work sooner. 
Amrep’s Ready Truck Program will off-set the obstacles experienced throughout the industry in 2020 by keeping inventory on-hand, and having trucks available for immediate delivery. So haulers have the equipment they need, when they need it, to fill the increasing demand for their services. 

“This year, we are anticipating a spike in demand for refuse collection vehicles and have developed this program to stay ahead of pending challenges within the industry,” says Rob Strange, Director of Refuse Body Sales for Amrep across North America. “The Ready Truck Program will enable us to keep up the chassis inventory, so we can in return deliver Amrep trucks to our customers when they need them – instant availability.” 



Amrep trucks can take full advantage of Wastequip WRX facilities. Wastequip WRX offers both parts and service for all makes, either in person at one of our Wastequip WRX locations or through online parts ordering. 



In addition to the immediate availability of refuse collection trucks, Wastequip will continue to offer financing options for companies of all sizes – from independent operators to national haulers. These options provide financial flexibility that helps customers obtain the equipment they need quickly.

Wastequip finance options consist of a fast and easy application process that preserves cash and credit lines and offers rapid credit approval, competitive rates, and 100% financing. 


In early 2019, Amrep® proudly became part of the Wastequip family of brands. Wastequip is the leading manufacturer of waste handling equipment in North America — offering steel and plastic products, systems, and solutions to help municipalities and waste haulers collect, store, transport and manage a wide range of waste recyclables. Wastequip is also the parent company of Toter®, Pioneer™, Mountain Tarp™, Go To Parts™, Galbreath®, and Accurate™. To learn more about Amrep waste collection vehicles and Amrep/Wastequip financing options, visit,, and

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