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CORE - COrporate REsponsibility

About CORE

CORE (COrporate REsponsibility) is Wastequip’s corporate social responsibility initiative, focused on building a bright future for our employees, our communities and our environment by leaving more than we take. 

As the leading North American manufacturer of waste equipment, we believe that CORE’s foundational pillars – People, Planet, and Profit – can all thrive within our business. 

Providing growth opportunities for our team members and improving the communities in which we operate have always been cornerstones of our culture. CORE will guide our progress as responsible corporate citizens to continuously look for ways to be kinder to our environment and our employees while maintaining a healthy company. 

Through, CORE we will . . .

  • Help define and determine the future of our industry by demonstrating leadership and progressive thinking with regard to sustainability, diversity and philanthropy.
  • Create products and a standard of behavior that respects the environment and what that means for future generations.
  • Create a company that looks like America that appreciates the many advantages that come from employing a diverse workforce with differing perspectives and backgrounds.
  • Demonstrate a level of influence, social consciousness and foresight that makes one proud to work for…or do business with Wastequip.

Championed by our senior leadership team, and implemented and overseen by our sustainability and research team, 2020 will be the inaugural year of our CORE program.  We will benchmark and track our current state across the three pillars of People, Planet and Profits, establish measurable targets for subsequent years, and add a full-time sustainability programs and reporting manager.

Long-term, CORE will build on what we are already doing, approach data from a new perspective, and provide insights to drive future performance and impact.   Through CORE, our employees, customers and partners can expect Wastequip to take a leading role in each pillar through tangible goals and actions:

  • People. We will extend our efforts to be an employer of choice, focused on safety, diversity, inclusion and creating more fulfilling work environments.  We will build on our diverse leadership team to make our company look more like our country, with an emphasis on bringing more women into the waste industry and mentoring their growth.
  • Planet. We will strengthen our support of the circular economy by sourcing responsibly, reducing our carbon footprint/emissions/energy use and developing more products with environmental benefits. Our sustainability team will identify and drive the adoption of best practices companywide.  They will track and measure our progress to identify areas for improvement.  
  • Profit. We believe that doing the right thing makes good business sense. Through Wastequip Cares, we will continue to generously support charitable giving and causes that help build a strong future for our industry and the communities we serve. Our efforts will focus on sustainability, education and diversity. We also recognize that our ability to contribute and serve are directly driven by our organization’s financial health and believe that CORE efforts, in conjunction with responsible and informed business decisions, will drive the company growth and profitability needed to support Wastequip’s continued innovation and positive impact.

The future is not something to fear; it is a work of our own creation.  All of us at Wastequip embrace CORE and are excited to create a bold and brilliant future both in terms of products and industry responsibility.

Because doing the right thing is the CORE of our business.

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