Wastequip to Debut New Ultra Heavy-Duty RockBox™ Roll-Off Container Line at WasteExpo

April 24, 2019

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (April 30, 2019) – Wastequip, the leading North American manufacturer of waste handling equipment, is set to launch RockBox™, a new ultra-heavy-duty roll-off container that combines extreme toughness and durability in a lighter-weight container. Made from wear resistant Hardox® steel, the new roll-off containers are four times stronger than ordinary mild steel grades, while weighing 20 percent less and lasting twice as long as traditional heavy-duty roll-off containers. Wastequip’s new hard and tough roll-off containers will be the first of their kind in the United States to be made of the innovative Hardox® material.  Wastequip is also a certified member of the Hardox® In My Body program.

Used widely in European markets, Hardox® 450 has a Brinell hardness rating of 450 HBW and a yield strength in tensile of 159 to 188 KSI compared to A36 mild steel at 36 KSI, enabling it to stand up to tough, long-term use.

Combining the best traits of Hardox® with the design and engineering expertise of Wastequip, these new RockBox™ containers offer several key benefits for waste industry customers.  The lighter weight, enhanced strength and load optimization capabilities allow haulers to carry significantly more payload than traditional steel roll-offs, while the wear-resistance and durability offer a longer service life and reduce repairs and overall cost of replacement.  All of these benefits result in lower operating costs and enhanced sustainability, with fewer loads translating to decreased CO2 emissions and increased fuel efficiency.

“We are constantly investigating new and better options that we can incorporate into our products to improve functionality and durability,” said Kirk Warren, director of product management for Wastequip steel products. “Our new RockBox™ roll-off containers are the first in the United States to use innovative Hardox® wear-resistant steel, allowing our customers to increase their capacity, efficiency and sustainability, while reducing the need for repairs, saving them time and money.”

RockBox™ roll-off containers will be available in 15-, 20-, 25- and 30- yard sizes.  Wastequip will debut the products in May at their booth (#523) at WasteExpo. Please visit www.wastequip.com for more information.

About Wastequip
Wastequip is the leading North American manufacturer of waste handling equipment, with an international network of manufacturing facilities and the most extensive dealer network in the industry. Wastequip's broad range of waste and recycling equipment, trucks and systems are used to collect, process and transport recyclables, solid waste, liquid waste and organics. The company's brands include Wastequip, Toter, Galbreath, Pioneer, Mountain Tarp, Cusco, Go To Parts, Amrep and Accurate. For more information, visit www.wastequip.com.